Simply Spectacular Smiles!

Our smiles touch every part of our lives.

Smiles are the first thing we notice when meeting someone new and make a lasting impression. They open doors, foster connections, and affect our self-esteem.

Healthy, properly positioned teeth give us a smile that brims with confidence – a smile that ensures our personality shines.

If you’re ready for a spectacular smile, Dr. Michael Richards and our team are ready to help!

What’s Different at Michael Richards Orthodontics?

  • We have served the Salt Lake City area since 1992, building an unparalleled reputation as an orthodontic office that offers advanced treatment and creates spectacular smiles in a welcoming, laughter-filled environment. We are honored to see children of many of our earlier patients, creating smiles for a second generation!
  • We believe orthodontic treatment is a journey, from initial consultation to final retainer check, and are excited to be your partners on this voyage. We will be by your side, supporting, encouraging, and educating you, for the best treatment experience and most wonderful final results!
  • We combine advanced orthodontic technologies and processes with truly personalized treatment. Every step of your smile’s journey will be tailored to your unique situation and we will explain everything up-front, including options and financials. During treatment we’ll provide progress reports and are always available to answer questions.
  • We genuinely care about you. Beyond your orthodontic needs, we care about you as a person and look forward to learning about your life, interests, experiences, and dreams. While we are serious about what we do, and love creating smiles, we equally love the friendships we create!

Our Core Values

Dr. Richards and our team strive to:

  • Deliver and expect excellence
  • Make each visit the highlight the patient’s day
  • Create the ultimate patient relationship
  • Build win-win-win relationships
  • Exude happiness, have fun, and laugh together!

Learn More

We offer complimentary, no-pressure and no-obligation consultations at our Salt Lake City and Riverton, UT orthodontic offices. Please contact us to arrange a consultation for yourself or your child with Dr. Richards and our team members.

We are excited you’re thinking about changing your life through orthodontic care and look forward to being your partners on the journey to your spectacular smile; please, call today!

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